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Corona Chronicles: 2nd Friday

Blog 2: Second Friday by Jahirie Michelle


It's Fri-yaaaayyyy...or is it..🤔

Jahirie here once again to share some thoughts with you.

All we have is our freedoms, so why not utilize them before they're taken..😌

I want to talk about the social distancing and the curfew that have been put into effect.

They have truly made the streets a desert wasteland at around 8pm. What are you thoughts on the curfew? The fact that you HAVE to be in your home by a certain time and in some countries face consequences (as severe as jail time). Matial law states that, "the government will get involved if and when there is an emergency" and I don't feel that our definition and their definition of "emergency" will alwaysbe one in the same.

Are we truly unable to keep ourselves safe? Do we really need a curfew? Is this pandemic truly something that we can't get out of?

What about the stimulus package..

We have all this money to pay the laid off workers but weren't we just in debt? Where is all this money coming from. Does this time of not working (if it applies) make you feel as if your degree means less? That maybe working at burger  wouldn't have been so bad..🤷🏽‍♀️

This is an interactive post. Please comment below. Let's talk about these things. And hey let me know what you're thinking on things I didn't mention.

Freedom of speech is a power we will always have!

Peace and love,

- JM

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