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Quarantine Chronicles

Blog 1 week 2 of the Corona virus quarantine order for Ohio

by Jahirie Michelle


Jahirie Michelle (also known as JM) bringing to you my views, thoughts, and suggestions on how to keep sane during this political disturbance.

As we know there has been a world wide outbreak of a virus that has everyone ready to stay indoors forever. This has many very very afraid and listening to anyone and everything. (I could share my opinions but ill save that for future posts)

Now is the time to look into what YOU bring to the table. Its a great time to utilize working on yourself. Start inside and work your way out. Before you can build a business to help others ask yourself, do you know how to help yourself? End the traditions of manipulation and begin the focus on healing.


It's ok to go for a walk or go to the park. I highly reccomend it. Our natural healing comes from the hurry hurry before they mess up the air and try to sell it to ya..😁

On a serious note:

• Get fresh air at least 4 times a week.

• Get your body moving

• Give your eyes a media break throughout the day. (After you read this of course)

Things you can do right now to help are:

• Using your social media to connect with others,

• Fitness challenges,

• Dance battles/challenges

• Karaoke

• Teaching how to cook/sew/balance your check book/etc.

Now is the time to band together and help Each other. No more crabs in a barrel but rather breakout the barrel together. Build a ladder for others to climb out..if you know what I mean.

Lastly take this time to do your own research. Look at different sources, sort out the information, and make sure you know what's real for you.

Until next time Peace and Love,

- Jahirie Michelle

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